Alluring Camps

Our selection of safari camps range from sumptuous thatched lodges to elegant tented camps, eagerly attended by dedicated staff and accompanied by generous safari cuisine and hand selected wines and drinks. Soft pillows, high pressure showers and mopane-wood brewed coffee make our camps hard to beat.

Fair Chase

Zambezi Hunters is dedicated to the pursuit of free ranging dangerous game and committed to the highest standards of chase in the field. It is with these strong principles combined with active on the ground conservation initiatives that we aim to ensure that our outdoor heritage remains intact for future generations to enjoy.

Giving Back

In conjunction with Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church, Zambezi Hunters continues to work closely with communities in several of it’s concession areas with the primary aim of uplifting communities at the same time as creating awareness and value around the wildlife found in those areas.

Unparalleled Experience

Being able to provide a first class safari experience is the result of us matching you with personable proffessional hunters that put you in front of great trophies time and time again. Friendly, professional camp staff and service orientated management teams ensure that your safari is excellent end to end.
” The enjoyment of a good hunt is not only based upon the animals taken but also the animals seen at close quarters & being able to share in that thrill with others, all the while feeling comfortable in the knowledge that a professional hunter of the highest calibre is keeping you out of harm’s way. ”

Sango Lodge

The exquisite Sango Lodge affords the discerning hunter luxurious accommodation with rooms looking out onto the granite outcrop vistas of the north western corner of Sango. With a full gymasium and swimming pool it is a perfect fit for family safaris.

Sango Tented Camp

Set amongst the shady albida trees of the Msaize river, the Sango Tented Camp has minimal impact on its natural bush surrounds. Exquisite tented rooms and dining areas provide all the comfort a hunter might need, whilst wildebeeste and kudu browse between the tents. For many this is the quintisential safari camp.

Life Giving Water

Through Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church we are proud to have played a key role in rehabilitating borholes across the region in which we operate, most notably in the Mahenye and Zaka communities. Over the last 5 years we have jointly rehabilitated over 20 boreholes and drilled an additional 5, in areas where one borehole will service almost 1000 households.


Educating our children is central to our lives and their future lives, which is why we continue to put resources towards schooling at selected communities including schoolrooms themselves, facilities and essential basics such as pens, text books and excercise books. The key theme in all of this conservation and the value that wildlife can bring to any community.

Passing of the Gift

In conjuction with GBUMC a cattle improvement project has been created whereby 50 locally procured heifers and 2 purebred Nguni bulls have been put in a newly built pen together.The progeny (better performing Nguni cattle) will benefit community members. Recipients of the cattle will return animals back to the project after a given time period and these will, in turn, be passed on to other recipients.

Anti Poaching

Central to our ability to offer fantastic hunting safaris are our anti poaching units that work tirelessly to protect and conserve the wildlife that we are so passionate about. With limited resources and dedicated committment these teams endure every danger to keep our wildlife alive.


If you want to continue playing an active role in wildlife protection get in touch with us today to see how you can contribute and help protect wildlife for our future generations.